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SecoBackup: Secure Your Personal & Business Data

What is Amazon S3™?

After becoming the #1 internet retailer,™ now also offers storage on the internet. With 10 billion objects and growing rapidly, Amazon S3 offers a highly scalable, reliable offsite storage at very low cost. Now,™ and SecoBackup bring this wave of cloud computing (storage on the internet) to you; to your Laptops, Desktops, and to Microsoft Exchange Server and Databases.

PC & Server Backup powered by™

SecoBackup brings you industry's leading PC Backup Solution utilizing Amazon S3, the world's leading Cloud Computing Service, with more than 10 billion objects and growing rapidly. SecoBackup installs on your desktop or server in 3 minutes and will start backing up your critical data from the specified folders to Amazon S3. Its a simple, secure, and automatic backup product designed specifically for the next generation of computing.

Product Facts

  • Free Community Edition. Perpetually. Unlimited use.
  • Simple and Automatic. 3 minute install, one click backup & one click restore
  • Triple-secure. SSL on network, Encrypted at S3, ACLs on S3
  • Web 2.0 Browser Based AJAX UI
  • Access files on your Home PC from office, airport or anywhere
  • Protection with off-site backup at 1/10th the price of tape.

Most Advanced Technology

  • Auto-sensing technology. Backups up when PC is not being used
  • Continous Backup. Automatically senses new changes, no scans or full backups
  • Incremental Backup. After initial backup, backs up changed files only
  • Storage Optimized - to ensure that you get the most value from Amazon S3 - De-duplicated & Compressed
  • Network Optimized - de-duplication & Compression causes little or no impact on network
  • Browser (IE, Firefox) based UI - using AJAX
  • Enterprise Grade Security - Encryption - Encrypted on the network - Amazon's robust security
  • Large File support - > 4GB files supported. Large files compressed and de-duplicated to minimize storage and maximize backup speed. No Limits
  • Automatic restarts after network disconnects or shutdown. Starts where it left off.

Throw away 90% of your disks. De-duplication cuts wastage, by a whole lot!

Daily full or incremental backups cause massive wastage of resources. Do your bit to help make the planet be a little greener. SecoBackup and S3SQL (all editions) only do compressed and de-duplicated backups to Amazon S3. Always. With reduced storage we will help you save the environment and reduce your costs - both at the same time.

  • One tenth the disk drives
  • One tenth the electricity
  • One tenth the cost
  • And no more disposable media (no more tapes or CDs)

Using DSL for home or SMB? De-duplication now makes backup feasible!

SecoBackup combines the efficiency of data de-duplication with the efficiencies of cloud computing to make enterprise grade technology and scale to every one of us. We invite you to start today.

Online Backup to Google Storage Cloud

SecoBackup for Google Storage will be available in future to leverage Google's leading Cloud Computing service.


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