SecoBackup S3SQL: Secure Your Business Data

What is Amazon S3™?

After becoming the #1 internet retailer,™ now also offers storage on the internet. With 10 billion objects and growing rapidly, Amazon S3 offers a highly scalable, reliable offsite storage at very low cost.™ and SecoVault LLC have partnered to help Database Backup leverage this wave of cloud computing.

Enterprise Filesystem & MySQL Backup powered by Amazon S3™

With just 3 clicks in a web browser, secure your MySQL databases in Amazon S3™. Centralize backup of all your databases using SecoBackup for secure and automatic backup of all your data to Amazon S3.

Product Facts

  • Free Community Edition. Perpetually. No Limits on size or databases.
  • Fully Automated backup of Filesystem & MySQL databases to Amazon S3 - unified backup for application and database files
  • Both Command-line/Scriptable, as well as Browser-based UI
  • Scheduled directory & database backup, automatic rotation (delete) of old backups
  • Ports available for all Linux flavors (Redhat, CentOS, Fedora, Ubuntu, Debian, and more) and all Windows versions (Server, XP, Vista)
  • Utilizes existing internet connection. Can be scheduled for off-peak hours
  • Protection with off-site backup at 1/10th the price of tape.
  • DBA can visualize state of backup, download with a single click! No tapes to load, no tapes to rotate.
  • Centralized Administration across multiple databases and platforms
  • 1-click backup and 1-click restore

Full Stack Backup - Web, App, DB - secured offsite

  • Can setup web files, application files - for apache, tomcat and other application tiers
  • Backup SugarCRM, Zimbra or other applications
  • All MySQL databases supported - InnoDB, MyISAM, and others
  • All MySQL Versions Supported: 4.*, 5*
  • Centrally Managed Backups - 100s of Apps & MySQL database backup to Amazon S3 is centrally & remotely managed from SecoBackup

Most Advanced Technology

  • Online Backup: without any impact to users - For InnoDB
  • Storage Optimized - to ensure that you get the most value from Amazon S3 - De-duplicated & Compressed
  • Browser (IE, Firefox) based UI - using AJAX
  • Triple Secure - enterprise class security: SSL + Encrypted at source + ACL
  • Large DB support - > 4GB files supported. Large files compressed and de-duplicated to minimize storage and maximize backup speed.

Throw away 90% of your disks. De-duplication cuts wastage, by a whole lot!

Daily full or incremental backups cause massive wastage of resources. Do your bit to help make the planet be a little greener. SecoBackup(all editions) only does compressed and de-duplicated backups to Amazon S3. Always. We will help you save the environment and reduce your costs - both at the same time.

  • One tenth the disk drives
  • One tenth the electricity
  • One tenth the cost
  • And no more disposable media (tapes or CDs)

Large Database Backup over WAN? De-duplication now makes backup feasible!

Database backup had not been practical over the internet - full backup of Gigabytes of data over the high latency of the internet took a long time, consumed lot of network bandwidth and would take too long to complete. SecoBackup S3SQL has revolutionized backup over internet (WAN) through its industry leading compression and de-duplication technology. Now, after the initial backup, future backups happen quickly, since only changed blocks are backed up to Amazon S3. Also, it saves network bandwidth by not having to send the whole database on every backup. The graph below shows how de-duplication dramatically speeds up backup over the internet.
SecoBackup combines the efficiency of data de-duplication with the efficiencies of cloud computing to make enterprise grade technology and scale to every one of us. We invite you to start today.


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