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SecoBackup Partner Program

Please join the SecoBackup Partner Program at to access the resource page for partners and download the Service Provider Edition software to create your Online Backup Service.

SecoBackup Service Provider Edition

The free Service Provider Edition (SP Edition) enables you to create your re-branded Online Backup Service, which internally utilizes SecoBackup and Amazon S3 for the backup of PCs and Servers of your clients. SecoBackup SP Edition combines the power and simplicity of Amazon S3's #1 Cloud Computing infrastructure with the functionality of Secobackup to satisfy the unique needs of service providers.

SecoBackup - Fully Brandable (White label and Private label)

SecoBackup is the only backup solution that at no charge allows you to fully brand the SecoBackup software into your own label and be part of your service or product offerring. SecoBackup generates an invoice (with your logo and pricing model) for your clients based on their usage reports.

SecoBackup - Brings in New Revenue

Offering online backup service in additional to your service definitely creates a new revenue opportunity from your clients. As the amount of data and the value of data continues to grow for your customers, backup is a value-added service that your customers already need.

SecoBackup - Generate Revenue at Zero Cost

SecoBackup SP Edition is free - both on for the Service Provider Admin Console as well as the Client install of SecoBackup. Service providers typically installs Secobackup SP Edition and starts setting up clients for online backup within minutes after download!

SecoBackup SP Edition enables Service Providers to offer and manage a custom online backup service without the capital and operating expenses associated with storing, serving and managing backup data. SecoBackup SP Edition installs on a typical laptop or PC and provides remote administration to hundreds or thousands of client PCs and servers. Note that the backups are done directly between the Client's PC or server and Amazon S3. SecoBackup SP Edition provides administrative control over client backups, but data backups do not pass through it. This way, SecoBackup has created a paradigm shift in the way online backup services are deployed.

SecoBackup SP Edition Features

SecoBackup SP Edition provides the following features to help service providers setup and manage backups of their client PCs and Servers to Amazon S3 :

  • Sub-account per Client User
    • Sub-accounts completely isolated from other Sub-accounts
    • Sub-accounts can each have separate encryption key for additional security
  • Administrative Console, Grid Control to Remotely Service Client PCs & Servers
    • Create, Enable, Disable, Delete Sub-accounts remotely
    • Per-client Quotas for storage, settable remotely
    • Real-time Usage Reports
    • Remote Restoration through Grid Control
  • Single Credit Card Billing for all Sub-accounts

  • Rebrand SecoBackup to include Service Provider's name, contact information and Logo

  • Silent Install customized with Provider-specific rebranding

SecoBackup SP Edition Pricing

SecoBackup SP Edition is free for unlimited use, customers pay per use to Amazon for the Cloud Computing service. For example, it costs $.20/GB for compressed and de-duplicated backups stored at Amazon S3. Since compression and sub-file de-duplication is always enabled, it typically costs than $.20/GB (customers have reported $.05c/GB) for storage at Amazon S3. These low prices keep the costs for Service Providers to the absolute minimum.

Lower costs result in higher profit margin for the service provider. SecoBackup eliminates the need to manage clients' data, high availability, security, physical security, heating, cooling and cost of additional hardware and software.

SecoBackup - World's First Scalable Backup Platform

Traditionally, Service Providers provide a data backup service for their clients - they deployed a client-server backup system, that required an in house backup server to create, administer and manage to clients' data. This is labor intensive, error prone and expensive. It has also made online backup a business with greater barrier to entry and one with lower margins. Additionally, as the number of clients and the amount of data being backed up grows, the networking and hosting infrastructure to manage multiple terabytes of backups does not scale well.

SecoBackup has revolutionized online backup service by letting Service Providers leverage Cloud Computing to create a Highly Profitable recurring revenue opportunity without the cost of managing data.


SecoBackup is available in a special edition for Resellers and Partners to rebrand and redistribute. Resellers may resell a rebranded version of SecoBackup under a custom price offering.

S3SQL Resellers are allowed to resell S3SQL product (Community and Enterprise Editions) to their customers. Resellers may resell both the Linux and Windows versions of the product on all the platforms supported. Reseller Contracts are availabile for special pricing. We also provide the ability to rebrand or cobrand our product to select resellers.

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