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S3SQL Community and Enterprise Editions

S3SQL, Enterprise MySQL Backup, backs up to the World's #1 Online Web Service - Amazon S3™. S3SQL connects the world's most popular database, MySQL, with over 8 million databases and the world's most popular and reliable web service, Amazon S3, which hosts more than 10 billion files. With just a few clicks, S3SQL starts protecting multiple MySQL database. Its more powerful, cost effective and reliable than any backup technology before.

Compare S3SQL Community vs. Enterprise Edition

S3SQL Features Community Enterprise
Ease of Use
5 minutes to download, install and first backup y y
Automatic Scheduled backups (hourly, daily, weekly) y y
1 Click Backup from Browser-based AJAX UI y y
1 Click Restore from Browser-based AJAX UI y y
No knowledge of MySQL needed y y
Unlimited Storage y y
Automatic Compression - two thirds less bandwidth and storage cost y y
Scheduled Backups - Hourly, Daily and Weekly y y
Retention Policies - Delete old backups y y
Encrypted Backups when stored in Amazon S3 y y
Encrypted Internet Transfers using SSL y y
Hosting Services (VPS, others) Features
Backup Hosted MySQL directly to Amazon S3 y y
SSH Scripting Support y y
Advanced Features
Large Databases over 4GB y y
Auto-reconnect & Auto-restart - saves local copy when S3 is unreachable y y
HTTP Proxy/Firewall support y y
De-duplication - only backs up whats changed (saves upto 30x storage) y y
Encryption using Government grade FIPS y
Support y
24x7 Restoration Hotline y
Consulting Services y
Software License FREE $120
Instantly Download Product (no registration, no trials) Free Download Free Download
Number of Databases Backed up per license Unlimited Unlimited
Additional Cost of software needed for Backup Server, MySQL agent, Management Console FREE,

Compare TCO S3SQL vs. Tape Vaulting

S3SQL Community Edition Tape Vaulting
Capital Expense (Capex)
Hardware Purchases $0 (zero) $3000 or more to buy and replace tapes and tape drives
Software Licensing $0 annual Varies $1000-$4000
Scalability $0 capital investments. Unlimited storage on Amazon S3. Pay as you go. Requires more capital investments
Staff Productivity High, instant off-site backups with no media handling. No learning curve. Backup in 5 minutes or less with 3 clicks or command line Spend hours daily and weekly to do tape management: tape backups and transport tapes off-site
Off-site Storage Costs Very low, 20 cents per GB at S3. Weekly Backup of 1GB Less then $2/month! High to Very high,$2-$20 per tape per month times 10-20 tapes for off-site storage

Download the Free Community Edition of S3SQL or SecoBackup.